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Tying Up Loose Ends: Answers to your Questions about Options (PDF)

Tying Up Loose Ends: Answers to your Questions about Options (PDF)

In this 112-page PDF, Paul gives you the unique opportunity to “eavesdrop” on the advice and answers he’s given to options traders over the last 15 years This is your chance to listen in on excerpts of dialogues between Paul and his options trading students and clients.


Paul lets you “peek over his shoulder," study his diary of notes, and read his answers to genuine situational questions of options traders. This clear compilation of questions/answers and analyses gives you the opportunity to learn from Paul’s conversations with serious traders.


Paul illustrates many of his answers and explanations with clear graphics (OptionVue screen shots), making it easier to zero in on the crucial information and ensure that you get that “trading edge.”


As a PDF e-book, you can use the convenient Adobe Reader (download for free!) Search Tool from the Edit drop-down menu to quickly locate the options trading terms, topics, and information that interest you the most. You also can print it out and carry it with you.


Take advantage of Paul’s valuable offer to accelerate your learning and growth as an options trader by taking advantage of this rich source of real-life trading insight and knowledge.

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