ACE Program

Educational Guidance with Paul Forchione
Use the ACE Program to identify which futures markets are overvalued and undervalued and become  an "options architect," structuring option spreads with a trading edge for bullish, bearish, and neutral markets. Paul's educational materials are different from advisory services, which seek to time the market. Indeed, Paul teaches how to:
  • Understand the “Greeks” – the impact that market movement, changes in implied volatility, and time decay have on your positions
  • Incorporate implied and statistical volatility into your trading decisions
  • Use a template, The ACE Program CD, to find the best strategy based on current or anticipated market conditions
  • Generate a Graphic Analysis to see how your positions will perform over time as the market moves
  • Employ implied volatility to your advantage and, when appropriate, neutralize its impact on your positions
  • Create positions that can be closed for a profit before the options expire
  • Trade delta neutral options positions and adjust them as the market moves and as implied volatility expands and contracts
  • Identify the markets with the best options chains
  • Filter the markets for liquidity in order to get the best possible fills on your orders
  • Feel comfortable by establishing positions that fit your own personal risk / reward profile