Winning with Options: How to Effectively Speculate with Options on Futures (PDF)

This PDF shares much of what I’ve learned over many years about trading options on futures. I wrote 141 “bite-sized pieces” about options and sorted them under the following six headings:


  1. Background Information
  2. Volatility Trading
  3. Trading Tactics
  4. Probability
  5. Comparative Strategies
  6. Psychological Considerations


I discuss the subjects within each heading from different perspectives because I believe this makes complicated options concepts easier to understand. l include personal observations as well. The qualitative nature of this material is an excellent supplement to the material in my foundational CD, The ACE Program – Encyclopedia of Options Strategies.


Some of my writings will “strike a responsive chord” by reinforcing your currently held beliefs, while other portions of this material will challenge you to rethink what you take for granted. Still other parts will provide new insights into trading strategies you can use.